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Information, imagination and initiative are the key points of our innovation to meet new requirements and satisfy needs in the electrical market. We explore and research, developing ideas and technologies, always moving forward to contribute to progress.

A new group, highly experienced companies

Mastech Group

Mastech focuses on providing the best quality and innovative measuring instruments for the electrical market, with the best service to our customers. With our rich product line and continuous effort of product upgrades and improvement, we are proud to offer a full range of products to our valued customers.

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KPS soluciones

We design, manufacture and sell products and solutions for the professional electric market, always with the highest levels of quality and competitiveness. With the aim of offering the best solutions we develop our own-brand range, covering from energy saving products to photovoltaic solutions.

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At Power Probe TEK, we believe things should be simple. That’s why we design tools to make complex automotive technology accessible for the modern auto technician. As automotive technology continues to evolve, Power Probe TEK will provide innovative Technology, Energy, and Knowledge solutions for technicians and consumers alike.

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Our international teams have in common some fundamental characteristics:

  • Always to remain open-minded
  • Always to communicate and share in a transparent manner

What you see is simply and truly who we are.

Thinking globally, acting locally

Our group of business is formed globally, our teams work globally and our customers are based globally. With this global vision, our business is based on strategic analysis of each individual market, allowing us to interact within proximity and adapt to each unique requirement. This proposition concludes that all developments and solutions are focused on creating added-value services.

Customer Focused

Within our Group framework, the main keystone is:

To Listen.

Our customized solutions and innovative products are all created with this golden keystone. Listening is what makes us what we are.


A group of highly experienced team members, naturally perceptive to new ideas and adapted to evolution of the markets. This solid foundation ensures that we are aware and trained to create up-to-date excellent solutions.


Jackie Ip

Managing Director

Nikki Chen

Managing Director

Jose Maria Garcia Riera

Managing Director


Under the MGL framework, we manufacture a wide range of innovative products, covering all the needs in our markets, from the essential measuring instruments to the last technologies of electrical equipment. This ensures we meet the requirements of the global market and providing solutions to the most demanding needs.

At MGL we ensure that all our processes are aligned, focused and aimed to the following areas:

Innovation Management

An efficient innovation management is essential to ensure technology development. Innovation and creativity involve skilled workers at every level to introduce new ideas, processes and products.

Supply Chain Management

It is particularly relevant for the company that suppliers meet all the requirements and environmental standards and guarantee fair working conditions, mostly when using hazardous materials or working with emerging economies.

Product Life Cycle Management

Energy consumption must be evaluated over the entire product life cycle, as many aspects can determine electronic waste. Weight reductions, modular design, or take-back programs should be considered when designing new products.

Codes of Business Conduct

We ensure that our business codes are based in the best practices, international regulations and an excellent and close human relations, based on trust and mutual confidence.


Each individual project is prepared under a carefully engineered process, providing the whole solution, from the initial studies to the complete pack of products for specific applications. Each individual project is prepared under a carefully engineered process, providing the whole solution, from the initial studies to the complete pack of products for specific applications.

In the development of MGL Solutions we are always concerned about three basic pillars:

• Environment: we assume the commitment to sustainable development in our Environmental Responsibility, to ensure the integration of the environmental values into our strategies, policies, practices and procedures.

• Economy: with our action, we aim to contribute to the development of the economy of the areas where we have presence.

• Society: with our local teams, we are concerned about being part of the community, stablishing long-lasting relationships with local agents and participating in the social welfare.



Our headquarters are spread in three different continents:


As a global group, we are present in a large number of countries all around the world, from USA, Mexico or Peru; United Kingdom, Spain, or Germany; Algeria, South Africa or Tanzania to India, Japan or Korea.


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