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“In MGL, we commit to ensuring our mark to the planet is as green, as sustainable, and as earth-friendly as possible so that our little love ones can enjoy what we have now. Our community is what we care, we commit to share what fortunes fall to us back to our community, especially to the unfortunate ones.”


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Keeping our products recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly, as well as take care of our community and people is the commitment of the MGL.


Driving our company and business for consuming less supplies from our mother planet. Encourage our customers and vendors to consume more eco-friendly and sustainable material for our products and services.


Giving our help financially, spiritually and actively to those who need helps in our society.


Encouraging all people we know to work with us and join us through using our eco-friendly products and helping us to bring our products to the market where we can be stronger in able for helping others better and better.

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