About MGL

Who We Are

MGL provides more than 30 years of experience dedicated to testing and measuring instruments manufacturing, focusing on the best quality and innovative products with the best service to our customers.

Our product families are excellent for sectors like the DIY market, educational institutions, professional electricians, laboratories (R&D), and the construction industry.

As a global group, we are present in a large number of countries all around the world, We have more than 800 employees around the world, who are highly qualified professionals and specialized in the sector.

We are MGL.

About MGL

Values & Culture


- Always remaining open-minded doing the right thing
- Communicating and sharing in a transparent manner
- Remembering that respect comes with

Customer Focused

Our customized solutions and innovative products are all created with this golden keystone. Being aware of the market evolution is what defines us both individually and as a team.

Thinking Globally Acting Locally

Our teams are from all around the world and our customers are based globally. With this global vision, our business strategy is based on strategic analysis of each individual market, allowing us to interact within proximity and adapt to each area.


A group of highly experienced team members who are naturally perceptive to new ideas, prone to evolve, and adapt to market changes.

This solid foundation ensures that we are consistently aware and trained to create innovative and excellent solutions.

About MGL


About MGL

What We Do


Under the MGL framework, we manufacture a wide range of innovative products, covering all the needs in our markets, from the essential measuring instruments to the last technologies of electrical equipment.

This ensures we meet the requirements of the global market and providing solutions to the most demanding needs.

At MGL we ensure that all our processes are aligned, focused, and aimed to the following areas:

Innovation Management

Product Life Cycle Management

Supply Chain Management

Codes of Business Conduct


In the development of MGL Solutions we are always concerned about three basic pillars:

• Environment: we assume the commitment to sustainable development in our Environmental Responsibility, to ensure the integration of the environmental values into our strategies, policies, practices, and procedures.

• Economy: with our action, we aim to contribute to the development of the economy of the areas where we have a presence.

• Society: with our local teams, we are concerned about being part of the community, establishing long-lasting relationships with local agents, and participating in social welfare.

About MGL

Where We Are



Global Headquarter & APAC Hub
500 sqm office space



EMEA Hub / Manufacture Center
10,000 sqm office and manufacturing space



Manufacture Center
16,500 sqm office and manufacturing space


Hong Kong

Logistics Office
100 sqm office space


California, USA

West Coast Office
3,200 sqm office and warehouse space



LATAM Office
1,400 sqm office and warehouse space


Charlotte, USA

West Coast Office
1,000 sqm office and warehouse space


Norfolk, United Kingdom

UK Sales Office

About MGL



Found by Kai Yin Ip in
Hong Kong.


Found by
Jeff Whisenand in USA.


KPS Solutions
Found by
Jose Maria Garcia in Spain.


Mastech became a supplier of PPI and supply finished products for the domestic market of the United States.


Delaware LLC and operated in Brea, California, and Power Probe Tek Int'l Limited, a Hong Kong company with limited liabilities, servicing the USA domestic marketing and the global market.


Ip's family and Jose Maria Garcia stepped into a joint venture agreement and found KPS Euman for servicing the global market.


The foundation of MGL Group with the set up of HQ and APAC team in Taipei.


Implementation of SAP/ERP, global system of intergration management, Makes the business even smoother.